Mother's and Children's Rights. What is happening in our family courts??

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What Was the Custody Arrangement Prior to this Current Modification?

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Mother's and Children's Rights. What is happening in our family courts??

Post by Admin on Sat Oct 24, 2015 5:17 pm

The family court system has sustained a massive blow to its integrity. A system once designed with the intention of protecting the most vulnerable of our herd has instead become the ravenous predators of easy prey. An invisible network of attorneys, child family investigators, child psychologists and parental rights evaluators, has emerged as a sinister leader in a system so corrupt, it would make a Stanley Kubrick film look like Disney.

       It’s no secret that the divorce rate in this country is at its peak. Half of all first marriages end and the percentages increase from there. Leave it to a country that prides itself on its consumerism to find the sweet spot for money to be made. “As I always tell my grandchildren, ‘follow the money’’. - Gloria Allred

       “The family court system is a fifty billion dollar industry... What Americans spend on Divorce each year, could fund a healthy lunch every day for a child in grade school through high school in both North and South America and all of Africa, or provide tuition for 5 million college students or be used to develop fifty new medicines each year.” - Dr. Drew Pinsky

       As a driving force for increasing revenue, this industry leans on the collusion amidst attorneys, judges and parental evaluators to support and encourage further conflict in an oftentimes, already contentious situation. A relationship that has come to its end can frequently be brought to a peacefully negotiated separation by way of mediation. Both parties come away with a fair and usually balanced approach to parenting their children. However, peaceful and simple does not generate funds.

       Over and over, botched custody cases have been made public regarding bias, favoritism, or personal relationships within the system of professionals involved. One such group offering a one-way ticket down a hellish rabbit hole is the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC). The organization, founded in California in 1963, claims to act as an impartial, educational group. In their words, they are, “The premier interdisciplinary and international association of professionals dedicated to the resolution of family conflict.” In truth, they have proven to be anything but. Anyone who has had a personal run-in with this group can tell you that what they do in fact seem to be in the business of, is funneling money to the family court system through a two way sieve that strains out the innocent children it is claims to protect.

So what is the effect of this rampant corruption to our children?
Spin in a circle and point your finger at a crowd of people and you’re likely to fall upon at least a handful who have been adversely affected by divorce, an ensuing custody battle or both. The psychological ramifications have been broad. Children who are removed from the care of their primary and capable caregivers experience a litany of corresponding issues. Much research has been done to develop a better understanding of this separation. An article entitled, “Remembering, forgetting, and the effects of trauma on memory: A developmental psychopathologic perspective. Development and Psychopathology.” written by Dante Chiccetti and Sheree Toth speaks directly to the effects of this disconnection. Children who are removed from the care of their primary and capable caregivers experience a litany of corresponding issues ranging from “less impulse control, less ability to tolerate stress and less ability to tolerate frustration than individuals who have experienced a more secure childhood.” (Toth and Cicchetti).

Experts have been weighing in on the negative effects of these separations between mother and child for decades. Psychiatrist Alice Miller (1990) wrote about how those inabilities to self soothe, can be passed between families in an intergenerational nightmare. “They also are more at risk for anxiety, depression, aggression, violence, suicide, and substance abuse. In my opinion, one of the most socially significant effects of insecure attachment, is the fact that these individuals lack the ability to empathize.” (Alice Miller) We have been experiencing a mass and severe detachment from our source and it has been creating psychosis in immeasurable amounts.

       A recurring issue amidst the ethically declining climate of the family courts is the persecution of protective parents. In an attempt to provide a safe environment for their children, address issues of abuse and request any modifications to custody to reflect those measures, oftentimes those parents who are attempting to protect the safety and wellbeing of their children are instead punished by the court system by losing those same children complaining of said abuse and neglect. Repeated complaints about child protective services to authorities and judicial councils mount each day in every county in the country. Social service agents and officials who are designated to step in and provide protection for these children are indeed being called upon to provide these services, but are found to instead be too busy with their own responsibilities to private organizations. Organizations like... the AFCC.

       It will likely take a great deal of effort, compassion and persistence to make change in an environment this wrought with corruption. Integrity seems an almost unattainable thing at this point. But the loving, devoted parents of this country will be the leaders in the fight against such exploitation of the ones they hold more dear than anything imaginable. They will likely be the captains of this ship charted for transformation. A revolution is afoot.

       I want to know your story. From one mother to another. Let's help one another end this nightmare. The only way through this is together. We must grasp each other's hands and refuse to let go. We must demand justice and hold on to our babies at all costs - and often that cost is astronomically high. Remember... there are more of us than there are of them. There is power in numbers and in knowledge!



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